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Continued learning is an important part of the job descriptions of VRS employees. The project managers and technicians take full advantage of attending courses and certification programs to further their craft. At VRS we know that furthering our education helps us to exceed our goal in providing our clients with the special attention that they deserve.
VRS’ Project Manager, Everett Phillips and Emergency Services Manager, Ryan Phillips recently attended the Reets Drying Academy.  Reets Drying Academy gave Everett and Ryan a chance to further their knowledge in restoration services. The academy gave them the opportunity to learn how to inspect, evaluate, dry, administer, and manage larger losses. Instruction on damage inspection and evaluation, work flow management, process administration and technical methods of effective and timely drying of commercial, industrial, institutional and complex residential water-damaged structures, systems, furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE). Everett and Ryan took the specialized training to maximize the TES system, which is the ‘World’s Fastest Drying System”. Learning this system was a must for Everett and Ryan as our drying professionals.  We can now dry a water damage job in a THIRD of the time of our competitors. Read more about the TES system in Tuesday’s (7/6/10) post!