Every home has its little quirks and things that make it unique, but those little things should never become a serious issue that damage your home. Because damage caused by things like water are often silent and hard to notice, you may not even realize there are issues. However, not noticing these early on can cause serious issues in the future. To give you a look into the world of disaster restoration, we want to give you some insight as to what damage restoration services are and when you might want to look into getting them.

What are damage restoration services?

To start out, we first need to understand what damage restoration services are. At the base level, damage restoration is the process of a company coming to your home to take care of and manage any damages that happen within your home. More specifically, these services focus on issues like water and fire damage that can be taken care of through certain means.

When you call a damage restoration service, they will come out to your property and assess the damage. Depending on what kind of damage you have and how severe it is, they will come in and take care of the issue and then figure out how to prevent future issues from transpiring.

How do they help?

Understanding what a damage restoration company does is one thing but knowing how they help you is important to getting the right help for you. Say your house experienced some flooding, the Richmond water damage restoration team will come out and take care of your issue. They will start by getting rid of the water first so that part of the problem is no longer an issue. Once the water is gone, the issue may still be around.

Making sure to prevent further issues, the company will look for any other underlying issues that could have potential future consequences. To help you know what to look for to prevent needing water or fire damage work in the future, let’s look at some common signs that your home needs restoration services.

Signs you needs damage restoration services

Unresolved issues

One of the issues with not hiring the right company in the first place when an issue arises is the presence of unresolved issues. Unresolved issues cover things that are still present after you got a damage service that did not do a good enough job to fix the entire problem. In the case of water damage, this would be someone taking care of the flooding but not taking the time to take care of future issues that could arise.

Unresolved issues can be some of the nastiest as they have had time to build up and create further hassles for your property. Taking the time to make sure that a job is done right and to the fullest amount will help prevent you needing to get multiple treatments and need to pay more money.


A clear sign that there is an issue within your house is unpleasant smells. These can be tricky to deal with because while you can smell them if they exist, it is hard to determine exactly where the smell is coming from. With water damage, you will often find smells coming from standing water or mildew that has been growing as the result of standing water. The smell will be quite noticeable and unpleasant when you smell it. If you are dealing with fire or smoke damage, you may still be able to smell the smoke residue after the fire is resolved. Depending on how long it has been since the incident, there could be hidden damage that needs to be looked at that makes the smoke.


No matter what your past experience with mold is, it is almost universally known that the presence of mold can be a serious issue. Mold forms in damp spaces where it can grow and become an issue if it is not prevented. While mold is hard to completely avoid in any home, keeping away the harmful mold is important to the safety of those who live in your home.

Mold is a nasty substance that has been known to cause issues like eye and nose irritation, respiratory issues, and is especially bad for those with asthma. Preventing moisture through proper damage restoration steps is the best way to keep out moisture and mold.


In most cases, you can visibly see water damage if you look for discoloration. You can see this most often in your roof where there is a spot with a different color, but this can really happen in any area. This usually results from a leaking pipe and is a very clear indication of some level of water damage. The color can be anything from a darker shade of the paint or even colors like green if mold and minerals are starting to build up.


Probably one of the easier things to notice, flooding within your house is a major warning sign that you need to call for help. Many homes are prone to flooding due to their elevation or rain amount that can cause entire basements to flood and require substantial restoration. Thankfully, good companies can get rid of the standing water that exists and put measures in place to ensure that the hidden water leftover will not cause any future harm.

Flooding is not always on a large scale too, so make sure to check near your pipes and areas that are lower to the ground. Most basements are exposed to the outside and are much more likely to start flooding than floors above ground.


It is often the hidden issues within our homes that require the most work. From calling the right restoration specialist to identifying problems early on, you can have a direct impact on how well your home is able to keep away some nasty issues that build up over time.

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