Biohazard Restoration Services for Richmond, VA

Richmond Biohazard Restoration Services

How VRS can help assist you with our professional biohazard restoration services, such as crime scene cleanup, disinfection, sewage clean-up and other services.

Biohazard Restoration Services for Richmond, VA

Richmond Biohazard Restoration Services

How VRS can help assist you with our professional biohazard restoration services, such as crime scene cleanup, disinfection, sewage clean-up and other services.

Biohazard Restoration Services

When you think about emergencies that can cause a major disruption in your regular life, you might not think of biohazards. Tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and dozens of other emergencies seem to take precedence but when you need biohazard restoration services, turn to the team at Virginia Restoration Services to get your life back on track!

What Are Biohazards?

Biohazards can happen anywhere and at any time and getting them cleaned up takes a lot more than just some Lysol and a rag. Small particles of blood, viruses, and bacteria can get into all the small places in your home without you even realizing it. Cleaning them up is done by professional teams after an emergency has occurred and they take plenty of time to get things cleaned and set up the way they should be.

These biohazards can be anything that comes from biological work from blood, bodily fluids, viruses, and bacteria. Each one presents a unique type of challenge that may not be tackled by typical cleaning methods around your home.

Crime Scene Clean-Up

Virginia Restoration Services offers a variety of biohazard clean-up services for any type of emergency. One such issue that no one can plan for is a crime scene clean-up. If a crime occurs in your home, there can be blood, bodily fluids, and smells that permeate the entire area. No amount of bleach is going to put things right at that point!

Crime scene clean-up deals with all the gristly details that no one can plan for and that happens on the material you may not know how to clean. Carpets, furniture, wallpaper, and even windows can be cleaned up by our crews.

Suicide Clean-Up

Suicide is a physical and emotional tragedy that is difficult to fathom. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you need to clean up after this tragedy, turn to the professionals at Virginia Restoration Services.

We know and understand the emotional trauma this type of emergency can cause and in each situation, we encounter where someone might have committed suicide, we handle it with delicacy and caution. Being able to return to a clean and biohazard-free home is our priority. Each step of the process is handled by professionals who know and understand the situation.

Disinfection Services

Worrying about the pandemic can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. When you’re dealing with a positive virus test in your home, it can quickly become a cleaning frenzy that won’t always get the farthest corners of your home clean.

Trust your home to the professionals! Leave no virus untested with Virginia Restoration Services. We can clean up every nook and cranny of your home and ensure that viruses have been eradicated. You may not even be sure that your home has been exposed to viruses before you bring in our disinfection services.

Harmful Pathogen Clean-Up

Dealing with a weakened immune system puts you and your loved ones at risk for any number of health issues. Harmful pathogens take advantage of these cracks in your system and invade with their full force. Getting rid of harmful pathogens can be as slippery as eradicated viruses!

Harmful pathogens can be removed at the source with our harmful pathogen clean-up services. Skin contact, bodily fluids, and airborne particles are all ways that harmful pathogens can be spread and our services take care of them all. Every inch of your home is carefully gone over to ensure none of these pathogens are left when you come home.

Sewage Clean-Up

No one plans for a sewer backup or overflowing sewage in your home but when accidents like this happen, it’s important to act fast! Sewage can carry a whole host of infections bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that can start to cause issues in a short amount of time.

Virginia Restoration Services starts by clearing out the sewage and then gets to work setting your house back in order again. Every inch of your home is aired out, disinfected, and restored so you’ll come home to a clean, fresh house that’s ready for you to live in freely again!

When You Should Call for Virginia Restoration Services

There’s no way to plan for any of these emergencies and knowing how exactly to handle them can be overwhelming. In the middle of an emergency, you’ll need to have a plan in place so you can get things cleaned, disinfected, and ready to live in again as quickly as possible.

Crime Scenes

Our team will work with local law enforcement to ensure that we can return to the scene and begin clean-up. Once our clean-up is completed, we’ll contact you so you can get moved back into your home. Throughout the process, we’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening and the timeline for your family to come back home.

Suicide Clean-Up

The emotional trauma of a suicide clean-up is just as paralyzing as the physical. After any law enforcement has been through the scene, give our team a call. We handle each of these cases with the utmost delicacy and we’ll keep you informed about the timeline so you can return home when things are ready.


If you know that your home has been exposed to a virus or bacteria that can be harmful to the occupants, don’t wait, give us a call! The sooner we can arrive on the scene and get started with our disinfection, the greater chance you’ll be able to get away without major infection.

Harmful Pathogens

People with compromised immune systems are the most susceptible to harmful pathogens and making sure they’re comfortable and safe at home is of the highest priority. Cleaning your home and getting rid of any of these lingering pathogens before you or your family members come home is just a phone call away. We’ll arrive when you call as soon as you suspect pathogens in your home or on your commonly touched surfaces.


It can be tempting to think you can clean up sewage on your own. Resist the urge and call the professionals! Sewage can be tricky to get rid of and the sooner we’re able to tackle the project, the better!


Whatever you need, disinfection, sewage clean-up, or crime scene clean-ups, our team can take care of your home with the delicacy and care we’d show to our own homes. Give us a call today at Virginia Restoration Services to get your home in working order, clean, and tidy again soon!

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