We love getting feedback from our customers!
Here is what a few of them have to say…


We love getting feedback from our customers!
Here is what a few of them have to say…

“l cannot begin to tell you how this company (Virginia Restoration) and ALL employees have made my disaster a pleasure. I didn’t know what to do, or where to turn. I don’t know anyone in Virginia. VRS set up everything for me. They have been a Godsend. In devastating times like this, they gave me a sense of hope and calmness! God Bless the employees at Virginia Restoration.”


Donna T. (Petersburg, VA)

“In August 2009 a water line broke in our upstairs bath and wreaked havoc with our home. It was a huge mess!! Two upstairs baths, 3 bedrooms of carpet, downstairs bath, hardwood flooring, walls, ceilings, sub-flooring and insulation were damaged~ VRS handled both remediation and restoration. They assured me that when it was over it’d be better than new. They were right. The work is exceptional!! They didn’t cut any corners and all of their Craftsmen are top notch. I’ve been looking for “punch list” items since we moved back in and can’t find any! If you want a group of people who are honest, hardworking and know their stuff, Len and his sons are the people you want. They put the homeowner first and will take the time to walk with you through each phase of remediation and restoration. I wouldn’t hesitate one minute to recommend VRS for any remediation, restoration or remodeling project.”


James (Chesterfield, VA)

“In 2010 an aerosol can exploded in our laundry room, pretty much ruining it VRS to the RESCUE! They came, gave us their opinion as to what could be done to make the room right again, and gave us written estimates in a very timely fashion. They helped us work with our insurance adjuster and made the process painless. They were tidy, nice and respectful of our house and our wishes. They arrived on time and kept us abreast of any developments regarding restoration. The room looks just like it did before the disaster, and we would definitely use VRS again and can recommend them without hesitation to anyone. This is the best experience with any contractor that we have had.”


Mike and Samantha (Powhatan, VA)

“I Just Wanted To Write And Let You Know How Helpful Ryan Phillips Was To Me During My Water Disaster. He Came Over As Soon As I Called Him After The Leak And Began Drying My House. He Then Came Over Daily To Check On The Dryers And Tested Everywhere Thoroughly For Water Damage. Finding Damage In Placed I Didn’t Even Know Had Been Affected. You Guys Did An Awesome Job Helping Me To Restore As Much As Possible. I Cannot Thank You Enough And I Will Definitely Spread The Word Of How Great Of A Job Was Done When Others Find Themselves In Tragedy. Thanks Again.”


Sarah Rose

“Good night, Irene! On August 27, 2011, in the early evening, “Hurricane Irene” gifted me with a 13 ton, 110 foot, live red oak tree! Virginia Restoration Services came to the rescue, August 28th! The tree was removed and a bright blue tarp was placed on the crushed roof, August 31st. Repairs started on October 20th. Restoration completed on January 19, 2012. To my children, my family, my dear friends and neighbors, my heartfelt thank you for your support during those 4+ months. WHAT A GIFT! I hope all is well with everyone. One year ago today we all started putting back together what was the most terrible thing that has ever happened to Diana and myself. We are very proud of our rebuilt home and owe it all to you. Everything is just great and we wanted to again thank everyone including the great guys that work for you.”



“Thank all of you – you did a great job – all you people were very professional and always had our best interest at the top of their list – please thank Everett and Billy personally for the wonderful work they did an the concern they showed for our plight!”


Robert R Jones

“My home burned up September 25, 2010 and it was terrible. Everett, Taylor and all of their employees have done an outstanding job with not only the repairs but the professional manner in which they took care of everything. I can honestly say I would recommend them to anyone in need of repairs or new work. VRS uses top quality people to work for them. Thank you!”


Kenneth (Richmond, VA)

“Everett, Thanks for everything. The house looks awesome, you have done great work. Have a great Thanksgiving.”


Gina (Chesterfield, VA)

“My wife who is a stay at home Mother, was most impressed with how friendly, considerate and polite all the workers were while they worked on our home. She felt comfortable letting them into our house. The painters, carpet guys and
carpenters could not have been more personable. Just the type of good-ole boys anyone would like to have working on their home. VRS did an outstanding job on our house and we would recommend them to our friends. Thanks!”


Graig G

“I am writing to thank Virginia Restoration Services for the first rate job done to restore the damage to mv house which was caused by the 13 ton red oak that fell on it during Hurricane Irene on August 27, 2011. I appreciated VRS’s prompt response to removing the tree, drying out the main bedroom and placing materials over the damaged roof to mitigate any further damage before the main restoration efforts began. Your company was excellent in inspecting the damage, explaining to me what repairs needed to be done, what the estimated costs were and what the timeline would be. I appreciated that your company’s personnel took any concerns I had into account at the beginning: of the restoration and also throughout it. Your staff answered any questions I had with courtesy and took the time to explain any technical details. The work done to restore the roof of the main bedroom was very impressive since that roof had been custom designed when the house was built. I appreciated the detailed work done on the bathroom and closet which are part of that bedroom. Also the fine job done to match the colors when that area was repainted. VRS did an outstanding job in containing the amount of dust and debris during your work on both the outside and inside of the house. I appreciated the care you all used in disposing of the debris and trash. I also thank you for staying on time on the restoration of the house and letting me know whenever you had to reschedule or make changes during your work. And best of all, I enjoyed everyone who came to work at my house, from their demeanor to their craftsmanship. Special kudos go to Billy Bristow who always took the extra time to insure the work was Five Star quality. Billy and all the VRS personnel were a pleasure to work with.”


Mrs. Sunta C. Rosapepe

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate VRS coming out and getting our water issue taken care of. It is rather nice to have a neighbor who specializes in restoration work. It did take only 4 minutes from the time I called Taylor for him to get to my house. Within an hour he and Hans were placing equipment and drying out the floors. I attribute the quick response to the great results in the floor being dried out. The funny thing is that the minute I came inside and saw water on the floor I instantly knew to call Taylor. Of course Farm Bureau wanted me to call ServePro but they can’t do what you all did and I actually told Farm Bureau that. Anyway, just wanted to let you know what a great job Taylor and your crew did on the house. Now if you can just find some equipment that was not so loud then it would have been perfect. I was actually excited to go to work in the morning just to get away from the noise. In the end it all worked out great. I just wanted you to know I appreciate that you all do. Thank you!”


Howard DiSavino Jr., CFS, CLTC

“We are back in and everything looks great! I just wanted to write and thank you for such a good job and for making this so easy for me and my family.”


Judy (Chesterfield, VA)

“VRS is a company which was highly recommended to me by someone who experienced a similar tragedy. I was so fearful of choosing a builder and once I chose VRS and the project began; the burden of the house rebuilding was gone. The end result was a house better than what I had before the tire. The workmanship was outstanding. I had no problem working with Len and his sons and would recommend VRS to anyone.”


Jody (Chester, VA)

“My home burned up September 25,2010 and it was terrible. Everett and Taylor and all their employees have done an outstanding job with not only the repairs but the professional manner in which they took care of everything. I can honestly say I would recommend them to anyone in need of repairs of new work. VRS only uses top quality people to work for them. Thank you guys.”


Kenneth D. Haley

“Our home was devastated by Water damage and our insurance agent recommended Virginia Restoration Services. From the first encounter to the very last, every question and concern I raised was answered to my satisfaction and beyond. Everett took the time I needed to feel confident that our home was being properly fixed. Everett used the latest technology to insure that all and I do mean all, water was gone and that there was no trace of mold or mildew. The demolition was done thoroughly, neatly and quickly. I work with contractors all of the time and am always on the lookout for excellence in service and performance. This guy and his company are the real deal and I unreservedly recommend them for any type of disaster work.”


Jeff Marble

“We wanted to take a moment to commend your staff on the restoration project that was completed in an extremely timely and professional manner with very little disruption to our home. As you may recall, the main scope of the project was the restoration of the kitchen which sustained significant water and moisture damage due to a malfunctioning dishwasher. The crew’s attention to detail in providing flooring and cabinet repair, as well as plumbing and moisture control services is greatly appreciated. Because of the excellent workmanship, reliability, and professionalism displayed by your staff, Virginia Restoration Services will be the first choice if the need for additional restoration service arises at our home. Additionally, we are comfortable with recommending your company to our friends and neighbors. Thank you for a job well done.”


Allen and Laurie Parker

“I know you have always recommended VRS for our customers but now that I’m a customer myself, I completely understand why you use these guys. They are amazing and have treated me like a VIP. I will be strongly recommending VRS for every water and fire damage claim whether they are our customer or not (yet!). Thanks for your help and for hooking me up with VRS.”


Annmarie (Richmond, VA)

“Hello! I just wanted to say how happy we are with the hard and diligent work and knowledge that VRS supplied for my family. We had water damage in our ceiling down through the carpet and VRS came to our house within hours of calling and came back daily to make sure everything dried and all regulations were met for mold. We feel very secure knowing our house is back to the way it was before the water damage and we owe it all to VRS, thanks so much for everything you did and your complete professionalism.”


Jimmy (Midlothian, VA)


Water damage clean up and restoration demands quick response; therefore our trained professionals are on call 24/7.