Bio-hazard Virus / Pathogen Clean Up For businesses and municipalities we are offering Biohazard virus/pathogen clean up for regularly scheduled preventative cleaning and "Post-Contamination" (meaning someone who has tested positive or been in contact w/someone who has tested positive). Please inquire to set up a remote meeting to discuss options and limitations for your building or business. … [Read more...]

Water Damage Restoration

With Hurricane Sandy rolling up the east cost we wanted to assure our clients and friends that we are prepared and ready to hear from you in the unfortunate event that you experience water damage to your home. As of today we are looking at heavy rain and wind gusts which could cause flooding, downed trees and of course wide spread power outages. We hope that you all remain safe! In the event that … [Read more...]

Petersburg Fire

This family in Petersburg was devastated by a fire caused by a curling iron. VRS completely renovated the interior of the home, replaced half of the siding, and rebuilt the screen porch. Now their home is better than how it was, before the fire. Keep us in mind for any restoration or home addition needs. Our experienced and friendly staff will take care of it, you don't have to worry about … [Read more...]

Holiday Safety Tips

Though the winter holidays may bring freezing temperatures, it is also a time  for creating wonderful memories. As we anticipate the joy of family festivities, we should also remember to take preventive measures to keep the holidays safe and happy. We always urge you to practice sound judgment when considering these tips, and to seek the advice of a professional when needed. Around the Home s … [Read more...]

Holiday Cooking Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is the holiday that brings people together with the family dinner being the highlight of the day. The United States Fire Administration estimates more than 2,000 residential fires are reported each Thanksgiving, with cooking (69%) the leading cause. Use these tips to help keep your holiday safe! When removing lids on hot pans, tilt them away from you to protect your … [Read more...]

12 Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner. Even though it’s a fun holiday with costumes and candy, there are some special considerations you should make with regard to decorations, costumes, props and more.   Here are some simple tips to help you protect your property, you and your trick-or-treaters from Halloween hazards. Take care, when using electronic props, not to overload your … [Read more...]

Water Damage? Beware of Mold. 10 Tips.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of water – a refreshing drink, a way to stay cool, something that keeps your garden healthy? While water is all of those things, it can also cause damage and health issues (mold), and all in a short period of time. One of the keys to preventing damage and mold from water is to act quickly. As always, use your best judgment in considering … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Get Ready For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins in June. Many of the counties located in the coastal states maintain Offices of Emergency Management that are responsible for developing plans for being prepared, reducing damage and recovering from the effects of a storm. A major part of the preparedness plans requires that these departments create community awareness of the key principles of a sound process. A sound … [Read more...]

What Causes Appliance Related Water Damage?

  Appliances can sprout leaks because of aging materials, improper connections or ruptured hoses. Whether a slow drip or a sudden burst, leaking water can cause significant damage. While water leaks can happen anywhere in your home, they occur most frequently in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms. Water damage from appliances can be prevented by conducting routine maintenance of … [Read more...]

How To Protect Your Home While You’re On Vacation

15 Important Tips To Protect Your Home While You’re Away on Vacation Many families plan their vacations around the summer school break. If your vacation will take you away from your home for more than a long weekend, please consider these tips. 1. The key to protecting your home from burglars is to make it appear as if you’ve never left. • Either stop your mail and newspaper or make … [Read more...]