Locations We Service

Damage Restoration Services - Locations We Service

List of the many locations in the Richmond, Virgina area that we service.

Locations We Services

Damage Restoration Services - Locations We Service

List of the many locations in the Richmond, Virginia area that we service.

Richmond, VA

Richmond is located right at the fall line of the James River, giving it some fantastic views, though flooding can be a concern for some residents. It is close to other major cities including Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, and Charlottesville to name a few.


Moseley, VA

Moseley, VA is located in Powhatan and Chesterfield counties in Virginia. It was originally known as a stop on several major railroads in the area from the late 1800s to early 1900s. While the train stations no longer make a stop here like they once did in the past, this is a small little area that has a lot of history and can be a quiet reprieve from some of the other areas in the state, while still being close to Richmond, Charlotte, and other big cities.


Midlothian, VA

Midlothian, VA was originally settled as a small coal town. Since that time, it has grown and become one of the best suburban areas near Richmond. The town itself is currently estimated to have around 60,000 people, though the area around it is home to many more.


Magnolia Green, VA

Magnolia Green, VA offers all the amenities, good schools, and homes that you can need. It is located in Chesterfield County, close to major highways and many of the amenities and more that you may need from Richmond and other cities in the area.


East Highland Park, VA

At VRS in East Highland, we offer all of the emergency services you might need in one place. We offer repairs, restoration, and removal of contaminated items. If your commercial or residential home was damaged during a fire or storm, be sure that you call us first. We are open 24/7 and can start emergency restoration on your home immediately.


Lakeside, VA

Virginia Restoration Services can assist you with repairing water damage, removing mold, and more. We offer several different services to this area that can help you mitigate damages to your property as they occur. We can help both in repairing your home or a business. We are well known in the area and have worked on several different forms of damage. Our Lakeside services are offered 24/7, since you never know when a disaster can happen. Always call us first when you need help.


Bon Air, VA

In Bon Air, VRS can provide several different restoration services. We manage flooding, mold, fire damage, and damage that occurs to your roof during a storm. We always do our best to work with your insurance, while still giving you all of the repairs that you need. Our team of qualified experts know the exact steps to take to keep the process efficient and convenient for you.


Tuckahoe, VA

Our team is full of reliable professionals who have serviced the Tuckahoe area for many years. We provide assistance in emergencies to mitigate the amount of damage that you might receive. Be sure to contact us first when something unexpected happens at your home or commercial property! We arrive immediately, so we can lessen the damages you have to diesel with. Our Tuckahoe services are always available, so be sure to make use of them whenever you need help.


Mechanicsville, VA

When disaster strikes- don’t wait! We respond quickly to every emergency in Mechanicsville, allowing you to receive the help you need in mitigating damage. Water damage is very serious. It can lead to mold, mildew, rot, and even structural damage. All of this is very expensive, so be sure to call us right away! We deal with the problems before they worsen, costing you less over the long-run.


Laurel, VA

If you live in Laurel, be sure to add the VRS number to your contacts list. We can assist you 24/7 with any phone emergencies. However, the sooner you call us, the better. We can save you thousands of dollars in damages, as long as we have enough time to get the situation under control. Our pros are reliable and have a lot of experience in mitigating damages. Plus, we can remove mold and restore rotting wood in a building. Our Laurel services are always open- so be sure to contact us if you want to learn more about what our experts can restore.


Highland Springs, VA

If you are searching for a trustworthy restoration service, VRS offers it in Highland Springs. We cover all the emergency situations that you might have at home- fires, floods, and roof damage. No matter what you need, our experts can make the repairs for you. You can call us at time, night or day, and will be there to mitigate damages. Our location in Highland Springs is always open, so be sure to reach out if you need to learn more about what we can do for you.


Glen Allen, VA

Disaster restoration in Glen Allen is our speciality, we have repaired hundreds of homes in the area. We repair water damage, fire damage, storm damage, and can help you while the damage is occurring. Our experts have many years of experience and know that we can fix all the issues you are having at home. We can test for mold and remove it- following with a complete restoration on your building. Reach out to our Glen Allen location if you have any questions or want to learn more about what we can fix for you.


Chester, VA

It is essential that you have a quality, reliable restoration service on your side. VRS can be your 24/7 emergency repair company. We have plenty of experts on our team who can offer you complete restorations for several different types of damages. We handle water damage, fires, smoke, and other problems for you. We will get your home back into its best shape, so you can get your life back to normal. Call our Chester location today if you need more information on our services.


Hopewell, VA

Virginia Restoration Services can help you any day at any time because disaster can strike unannounced at all hours. We restore and repair all sorts of buildings and appliances. Our team in Hopewell is well known for their experience and offering the repairs in the area. We always stop damage to help save your property and lower the potential cost of the damage. Overall, we hope you choose us first for any Hopewell restoration services that you might need.


Colonial Heights, VA

Any home is susceptible to damage, even those in Colonial Heights. If you live in the area, you should know that VRS has your back. We arrive on scene of an emergency right after you call us. That way, we can slow the progression of the damage and save your building. We have serviced hundreds of homes and businesses locally. We hope you consider us first when diaster strikes in your life. We offer restoration for smoke, fire, water, and storm damages.


Petersburg, VA

If you live in Petersburg, be sure to add our number to your phone. We are always available, 24/7, to provide several different restoration services to the area. Our team is very experienced and professional, allowing them to fully restore any building. We offer water damage mitigation, fire repair, and more. We stop damage as it happens, so you can have more peace of mind. We are here for you, so be sure to call us next time you need help with your home in Petersburg, VA!



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At Virginia Restoration Services, we are here to help you take care of your home. We can provide emergency response teams at any hour of the day, water extracting and drying, tree removal, and more to all of our clients. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Fire, water, smoke and storm damage… all disasters that severely diminish your residential quality of life.

When disaster strikes, act immediately to enlist aid by proven and experienced residential restoration professionals. VRS is that resource… skilled specialists on call 24/7 to deliver rapid emergency response and return you and your home to normal functioning ASAP!

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