Halloween is just around the corner. Even though it’s a fun holiday with costumes and candy, there are some special considerations you should make with regard to decorations, costumes, props and more.

Some Halloween Safety Tips for the Richmond, VA Area:

Here are some simple tips to help you protect your property, you and your trick-or-treaters from Halloween hazards.

Take care, when using electronic props, not to overload your outlets—this has the potential to cause a fire

Restrict your choice of costumes and decorations/props to those that are flame resistant/retardant

If you decorate your front yard, steps or walkway, be sure to place items to reduce tripping risk for your trick-or-treaters

Check labels on decorative props/paints to make sure they will not create permanent damage to your home or property

Keep a working fire extinguisher on hand in case of an accidental fire

Only use electrical decoration that have been tested by an independent lab (e.g., UL approved)

Recruit your neighbors and work with them to watch out for each others’ homes

Take the time to wash off residue from eggs on painted surfaces. The longer you leave them, the more likely you may have permanent damage to cars or siding

Refrain from wearing poorly fitting costumes that make it difficult to walk, see or keep your balance

Eliminate temptation for vandals by putting away any outdoor valuables (grills, bicycles, garden ornaments, etc.)

Always remove masks/costumes that may impair your ability to see while driving

Try using flashlights, glow sticks or battery powered candles instead of real candles, to reduce the risk of fire