Water damage can happen unexpectedly. It is important that you call in professionals to properly dry and restore your home. Virginia Restoration Services knows the best ways to help you avoid long-term damage to your Richmond home, as well as mold.

Still, there are more reasons to call in the pros than just drying. Not all water damage is safe for you to manage on your own. Some types of water can even be dangerous to your health.

Did you know that water damage is broken down into three categories? We will be covering them all in this article to help you stay safe.

Three Types of Water Damage

The IICRC breaks down water damage into three different categories. Each is based on the amount of contamination that is in the source water. You will want to avoid contaminants and let our experts clean it up. We have access to protective equipment that you may not.

These are the three different levels:

Clean Water

Clean water is typically clear in appearance. It is not a threat to your health, as it comes from sanitary water sources. Still, it has some risks you will need to know about.

If clean water is not properly mitigated and dried, it can cause mold to grow in your home. Plus, if it is not removed, clean water can become gray water if left alone for too long.

Clean Water Sources

  • Showerheads or bathtub faucets
  • Drinking fountains
  • Home water lines
  • Kitchen sink faucets

This level is the least dangerous, according to the IICRC. It usually will come from sources where you would want to interact with water. For example, from your kitchen sink. The source does not contain sewage or dangerous chemicals.

Additionally, this type of water is the easiest to clean up. Wet items can be dried without negative side effects. If something goes wrong with your plumbing at home and you notice clean water, you should still clean it up right away. Just because it is not dangerous now does not mean it will not cause massive amounts of damage if left alone.

We offer the best water damage restoration in Richmond, so reach out to us as soon as you can after a water loss.

Gray Water

Gray water is dangerous for your health. It is a risk, but not life-threatening. This level of water will contain some chemicals or other contaminants that may cause some minor health issues or discomfort.

You will not want to come into contact with this level of water damage. It would be best if you let our specialists take care of the cleaning for you.

Gray Water Sources

  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines
  • Toilet water
  • Sump pump backup

You will need to remove any wet items right away and sanitize them to prevent lasting damage. The chemicals and contaminants in the water can cause more damage than clean water. It is essential to react quickly and begin the restoration process right away.

Black Water

Black water is unclean and should be avoided at all costs. It contains extremely harmful toxins that can make you sick through simple exposure. This could lead to severe illness and other complications with your health.

It is important that only trained professionals handle black water. We are trained in safely removing the water and sanitizing the area.

Black Water Sources

  • Gray water that was left too long
  • Sewer water or sewage
  • Flooding from rivers, streams, or the ocean

Black water causes the most extreme amount of damage. It needs to be cleaned up right away to avoid health risks and permanent harm to your home. Black water may come from the sewers or any flooding from a natural water source that runs through a residential area.

When this type of water impacts your home, all items will need to be dried and sanitized correctly. We are very familiar with the disinfection process, so allow us to do it for you. You will need professionals with the correct equipment to manage water in this category.

We have handled a lot of flood damage in Richmond. We have the experience to help you with the restoration.

Dangers of Black Water to Your Home

This level of water can contain sewage or other significant contaminants. When your home comes into contact with black water, only acting right away will save your belongings. This type of water causes serious damage to anything it comes into contact with.

Additionally, black water can attract mold within 24 to 48 hours, which does not give you much time to dry your area. Mold can be dangerous on its own. It often hides behind walls and under your carpet, making it difficult to detect. If left alone it could lead to breathing problems.

Dangers of Black Water to Your Health

Black water can cause serious illness if you come into contact with it. You may experience skin rashes, infections, and other problems if not treated. To prevent exposure, you will want to contact our emergency clean up services right away.

Call the Experts at Virginia Restoration Services

No matter the type of water damage you experienced, you will want to call our team. We can assist you in cleaning and drying your home. This is especially true with black water- you should never attempt to clean it on your own.

Normal cleaning methods are not safe for getting rid of the contaminants in black water. The longer the water is there, the more dangerous it will become too. You should always avoid black water.

Any home is susceptible to sudden water damage. However, the sooner you react and start the drying process, the less significant that harm will be.

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