Your roof will weaken over time, meaning roof leaks can happen to anyone. However, allowing water to drip through your roof can lead to serious water damage and even mold growth. You want to act as fast as possible.

Call us right away. We can help minimize the water damage. And, if your home is damaged, we can make repairs. Our team of experts specializes in water damage restoration and know exactly how to help you get everything fixed.

So, what can you do if you notice a leaking roof in the Richmond area?

Here are some tips!

Minimize Water Damage First

Always start by minimizing the amount of water damage that can take place in your home. Move your furniture, electronics, and other valuables out of the way. You can even cover your furniture with plastic for extra protection.

Next, set a bucket up on the floor to collect water. If you see the water is splashing out of the bucket with every drip, you can use a piece of string to guide the water from the ceiling to the bucket.

You can minimize a lot of the damage by responding quickly. Call us once you have your bucket set up and your belongings put away.

Find the Leak

Now, you will want to find the leak. We can also do this for you, but some people may prefer to locate it on their own. Follow the water into the attic and find the source of the leak. It helps if you follow streams of water or stains.

Where you find water flowing into your home may not be the exact location of the leak in your roof. The water may travel across beams before it enters the home. It may take some time for you to find it, so we recommend that you call us in the meantime.

Deal With Water Buildup

If you notice bubbles, blisters, or a bulge in your ceiling, that is a sign that water is building up in that area. You will want to deal with the water pressure right away. Leaving water buildup to its own devices would create a huge mess if it were to burst.

All you need to do is poke a hole in the bubble with a screwdriver or needle. Doing so allows the area to drain in one, consistent stream. Set a bucket or pan under the water to collect it. You might need to puncture the bubble in a few different places, if it is very large.

Cover the Roof

You will want to tarp the roof if you can’t have someone come fix the issue right away. When it’s safe, climb onto the roof with your tarp and cover the area. You will want to put shingles over the tarp, which prevents water from leaking back inside.

The tarp should be pretty large too, so you receive enough coverage to ensure the leak is stopped. If you are not comfortable getting on top of your roof, make sure you call us. Our team of experts has plenty of experience in managing leaks.

Take Photos

Once it feels like the situation is more under control, you will want to take photos. You probably need a record for your insurance. Homeowners insurance should cover water cleanup, but you may need proof through images.

Taking pictures will also show what was damaged and how serious the leak was. If your bed, appliances, TV, or computer were hit with water, make sure you document that as well. Your insurance might cover the costs to replace your belongings, as well as the roof repair.

Maintain Your Roof

After you have mitigated some of the damage and we make all the needed repairs, you will need to continue with regular roof maintenance. This process allows you to avoid more leaks in the future.

Start by cutting back branches that reach too close to your home. Then, make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clear. It is easy for debris to build up inside of them.

Additionally, you will want to start checking your roof every time there is a storm. You want to look for loose, missing, or broken shingles. If you have a chimney, make sure you also check it for cracks or warping. We can assist you in replacing shingles or chimney parts after a storm.

Why You Need to Act Fast

Did you know that a leaking roof is dangerous?

It can cause several issues in your home when left to its own devices.


Water creates the perfect condition for mold. When you leave moisture inside for too long, you get mold and mildew. They can cause health problems and may ruin your floor and ceiling.

Electrical Hazards

Leaking roofs can also be a severe electrical hazard. When water gets into your home’s electrical systems, it can cause shorts and sparks. If you accidentally touch a wire, you will be electrocuted.

Plus, water that touches an outlet can be extremely hazardous. Be careful if you experience any leaking or flooding at home. Make sure you call us to handle electrical hazards for you. Our professional team is equipped with special gear, so they are protected.

Ceiling Damage

Leaks can cause serious ceiling damage in your home. Water leads to stains on the ceiling, makes paint and plaster bubble, and causes structural issues. If you don’t take care of it, the damage might be bad enough for the ceiling to collapse.

Call VRS First!

One of the first things you need to do if you are experiencing a leaking roof in Richmond, is to call us first. Our VRS emergency response team will arrive right away to help you avoid further damages.

Call us at (804) 745-6131 for 24 hour water emergency services.

We will be there immediately!