Rainstorms are inevitable in Richmond. However, when there are storms, water damage can take place. You will want to know what to watch out for after a heavy rainstorm. Running water can cause a lot of harm to your home, on both the outside and inside.

If your property does happen to suffer damage after a storm, be sure to contact us. Our professionals offer water clean up and restoration services. This is what you need to watch out for.

How to Check Your Property for Storm Damage

The high winds, rain, flooding, and lightning that come with storms can all cause damage to your home. Running water can harm the sides of buildings, while debris can damage your roof or windows. Plus, hurricane damage requires a lot of repairs.

The sooner you check on your property, the sooner you know if anything needs fixing. It is much better to react quickly in these situations.

Check for Debris on the Roof

If you notice tree branches or other debris on the roof, this can be a sign that your roof was impacted by something during the storm. No matter the size of the debris, you will still want to check it out.

Debris can damage a roof and allow water to leak inside the home. This would make your roof unstable over time and cause a lot of expensive damages to your home from the leaking water. Make sure to clear the debris if you have access to the roof.

If you are not comfortable doing that, contact us. We will be able to assist you in checking the home for damages.

Look for Broken or Lost Shingles

Next, check your room for missing or broken shingles. If any are missing or lost, they can cause a lot of water damage. You will also want to keep an out for any cracked shingles. They can also be a sign of water damage.

Check the Chimney

If you can, make sure to check the metal flashing surrounding the chimney. If it is dented, damaged, or loose, it can allow water to run inside the flashing. This would cause moisture to enter under your roof, causing rot and mold.

Look for Water Marks

Do you notice any water stains in or around your property? During storms, water can cause damage if it seeps into your walls. It would take a long time for your walls to dry after a storm, so you will need to check them daily.

Without the proper care and drying methods, water trapped in your walls would lead to mold. Be sure to take pictures of damp spots and watermarks that appear after a storm. You will need to check on them to make sure they are drying.

Inspect the Gutters

Your gutters likely worked hard during the storm, so it makes sense to check on them. If your gutter is overflowing or clogged, you will have a lot of issues. Water builds up on the roof and can damage it quickly.

If anything is wrong with your gutters, we will need to act fast. After a storm, broken gutters are not transporting water as they should. This causes damage to your roof, foundation, and property in general. You never want to leave your gutters broken for long.

We are the best restoration company in Richmond, VA, and have the experience needed to work on all sorts of home repairs.

Inspect Every Window

After a heavy storm, you will need to look over all of the windows in your home. They may not appear damaged at first, but make sure to inspect them closely. Tiny cracks can form that are easy to miss.

Plus, the panes may have become loose during the storm. You will want to check for any signs of moisture inside of the windows. If you do find water it would be a sign of a larger problem.

Sometimes debris can hit a window and cause the frame to crack or dent. In those cases, you will need immediate repairs. Leaving the frame broken for too long poses a hazard and allows water to enter your home easily.

Check on Crawl Spaces

After the storm, check on the crawl spaces when it is safe to do so. You will be looking for any trapped pools of water. If you find any, this would be a sign of a water draining issue.

You will need to remove the flooding from under your home quickly. You can do this with a sump pump or by contacting us for help.

No matter what you decide to do, you do not want to leave the water alone. It can lead to mold, rotting wood, and even damage to your home. All of this can happen very quickly, so you will want to check the crawl spaces as soon as possible after a strong storm.

When You Need to Call Our Repair Team

There are some small projects you should be able to handle without help. You may want to replace a shingle, unclog a gutter, or replace a windowpane on your own. But, there are some tasks you should leave to our professional team.

If you notice severe water damage, flooding, cracks in your wall or ceiling, leaking, mold, or heavy debris on the roof, you will need us to help. We have professional training and equipment to help us take care of these situations for you.

We have a lot of experience working in Richmond as well and are very familiar with the weather here. Our team will make the repairs and help ensure your home is protected against future storms. We can even offer you a free quote for this service.

If you have experienced property damage, be sure to contact VRS today!