Summer is just around the corner- everyone’s looking forward to it! However there are several issues that can arise in your Richmond home, leading to a need for water restoration services.

Knowing what to look out for can help prevent a need for repairs. If something does happen to your home this summer, make sure you contact us first! We are experts in the field and know that we can accurately restore your home.

Here is what you need to know!

Summer Damages in the Richmond Area

When it comes to the summers in Virginia, you need to watch out for these jobs we see a lot more of:

Strain on Plumbing

If you have a large family, then more of a strain is going to be put on your plumbing during the summer. Kids don’t have school and most college students return home- meaning more people are using the sinks, showers, and toilets in your home.

With excessive use, your plumbing is going to be strained. It could lead to leaks and bursts, if you are not careful.

Rain Storms in the Richmond Area

More rain storms occur in the summer than in the winter. They strike without warning and can lead to flood damage. Storms may also cause debris and trees to hit your home. If your house is damaged, a ton of water is going to start pouring inside.

Water inside the home can cause serious damage. It can cause flooding, mold, structural damages, and even ruin your personal belongings. Contact us in case of an emergency.

Flooding in Richmond, VA

Be sure you get to a safe space right away when it floods. You will want to take some additional steps to prepare yourself. Make sure you stay away from flood water, as it is dangerous. This type of water can carry infections and even electrical currents.

We clean up the flood water so you don’t have to. Make sure you get somewhere high up and safe before calling us. We will assist you with the rest of the clean up process and are the best restoration company in Richmond, VA.

Mold in Richmond, Virginia

With excess rain, mold can be encouraged to grow. If you notice a damp, musty smell in your home, it may be infected with mold. Plus, if you see condensation on your windows, leaks in your roof, or water sitting on your foundation- your home has the perfect environment for mold.

Mold is bad for your health and can cause severe problems in your home when left to its own devices. We recommend that you do your best to keep an eye out for mold, especially after flooding or leaks occur in your home.

Leaking Faucets

We also do tend to see a lot more leaking faucets around this time of year. If you have a leak, it should be easy to notice. You can hear it drip, then follow the sound to the source. Leaking pipes are simple to fix, so you may be able to handle some tasks on your own.

Breaking Pipes

Many people know all about the ways to avoid leaking pipes. However, not many people realize that you can have a pipe burst from other circumstances. For instance, if you have old pipes in the home, they are more at risk of breaking.

If your pipes burst due to corrosion, you will have a lot of trouble on your hands. First, turn off your water main, then call us. We will arrive and fix the problem right away. Letting it go would cause water to leak into your walls, leading to several more problems.

Causes of Broken Pipes in the Summer

Did you know that high temperatures can actually cause your pipes to burst too? The heat dries out the soils and makes the dirt loose around the pipe. When your pipes are loose and can move around, they tend to burst- leading to a flooded basement.

As we mentioned above, everyone is home during the summer. That means, your pipes are receiving much more demand than they were in the past. If you haven’t had your pipes checked in a long time, why not have us come and take a look? We can let you know if they need any repairs.

Letting your pipes go for too long can surely lead to a break in your water system. This can be very pricey to repair, so you may just want to have someone come look at it beforehand.

Finally, backed up pipes can cause a lot of issues within your home. They can cause sewage to spill back into your house. If this happens to you, call our emergency team right away! You do not want to handle that material on your own.

Preventing Broken Pipes in Richmond

If you want to prevent broken pipes in the summer, there are a few things that you can do. Start by making sure all of your exposed pipes have shade in the summer. Otherwise, the constant exposure to the sun can cause them to break.

You may also want to run sprinklers in your lawn during dry periods. Without any moisture in the ground, your pipes can jostle and break. Finally, keep an eye on how much water you are using. We tend to use more during the hottest parts of the season.

Final Thoughts

We spend a lot of time preparing our home for the winter, but many forget that we need to do this in the summer as well. Any time the seasons change drastically, your pipes are at risk of being harmed.

If that were to happen, you would be left with a very large mess to clean up on your own. Instead, make sure to call us! Our experts can assist you with all of your water emergency needs.

Reach out to us at (804) 745-6131 for all restoration services.