There’s nothing quite like taking in a fresh breath of air and feeling like a brand new person. The power of breathing is something that people take for granted everyday as the majority of the air we breathe is clean and safe. However, the clean air that exists outside in nature is not always the same as the air within our homes.

To help you make sure every breath you take is a fresh one, there are some things you can do in your own home to start breathing easier. Every great day starts with a breath of clean air that rejuvenates you and fills your lungs with ease.

The Importance of Clean Air

The air we breathe is immediately taken into our lungs where it is sent to every cell in our body within seconds. This process is on such a large scale that it is impossible to realize just how vital air is to the effective and healthy functioning of our cells. For a quick exercise, try holding your breath for 10 seconds and notice how your entire body gets into a mode of discomfort from not being able to get the essential air it needs.

Air itself is important but making sure the air you breath is clean is just as important. Your nose, mouth, and lings are able to filter the air to some extent, but they can only do so much. If your home is not able to circulate and release clean air, your body will have to work harder to try and make sure harmful substances are not entering your lungs.

Let’s look at a few things you can do right now to try and give your body a helping hand.

Tips for Easy Breathing at Home

Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Something that people rarely consider is where they actually get air from in their homes. If you have air conditioning or a home that takes air from the outside in any way, there must be some place where the air actually comes into your house and circulates.

If you aren’t aware of this location already, that indicates that some mm serious cleaning is needed. Finding the air vents in your house and giving them a good cleaning is essential to easy breathing. If these vents are dirty and full of dust, this just means your house is going to circulate the dirty air coming from these vents that could be causing allergies to act up with breathing difficulties.

Check for Mold

Mold isn’t just reserved for fancy cheeses or rotten fruit as it can be found in your home. If you experience flooding or water leaks and don’t het the proper water damage restoration, there is a very good chance mold has formed if you did not have a professional team clean up the water.

Mold forms when water isn’t properly cleaned up and can cause you serious headaches. If mold spores get into the air through vents or circulation systems, you can face serious health issues that range from harder breathing to serious internal damage. Checking for and removing mold should be a top priority for healthy breathing.

Ensure Proper Restoration After Disasters

Going off the idea of mold, having a Richmond restoration team that knows what they are doing will prevent other breathing issues. If you don’t get the right restoration team to come clean up and fix your house after water or fire damage, you could be dealing with unhealthy breathing for months and years.

Things like water and smoke find ways of getting inside your walls and small spaces where they can be devastating to your home and health. Proper restoration ensures that no water or smoke is left on your property so the chance of mold or smoke getting in your vents and lungs is drastically reduced.

Get an Air Quality Check

The quality of the air you breathe is not just some abstract idea as there are actual ways to measure the quality of your air. Just like an air conditioner knows when it needs to be cleaned out, there are special tools and services that can directly check the quality of air that is circulating around your home. Even if you think your air is relatively clean, these tests can reveal some very interesting information.

A good air quality diagnosis can determine what additional particles are in your air so you know if there is any mold or excessive dust that you should be aware of. If you have allergies or breathing issues in the home, having an air quality check can lead to new ways to improve the quality of life for people with breathing issues.

Let in Some Fresh Air

This last tip is one that seems so simple yet is honestly one of the best options you have. The air within your house is essentially trapped as your ventilation system gets air into and out of every room. This means that if the air inside your house is not very clean, you are simply circulating dirty air throughout.

Cracking open a window or door in your house opens up the circulation pathway for ventilation and exhaust assistance. The fresh air from outside is now able to enter your house as the dirty air is let out to become clean again.

Key Takeaways

Whether you want to get a test to measure your air quality or simply need to crack open a window, getting clean air in your house and lungs is essential for proper health. Everything you can do to get cleaner air that helps you breathe better starts with being aware of common issues.

Understanding how mold forms and getting the right team to help with water removal will prevent bad air from even having the chance of existing. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel once you get a breath of fresh air in your body.

If you need quality restoration to get water or smoke out of your house, call VRS today for help!