Virginia is a state with rich history and exciting places to visit for people of all ages. There are a number of prominent historical sites and plenty of modern attractions to entertain anyone. In particular, the area of Richmond is an especially unique location as it is home to great companies that are focused in Richmond restoration and plenty of places to take the family for a day of learning and entertainment.

Virginia MFA

Opening in 1936, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has been exposing guests to a number of unique and fascinating pieces. A number of state and private funds are given to this museum to preserve and collect as much art as possible for people to come and enjoy. Not only is the museum very modern in design and pleasant to be in, but it is also one of the largest art museums in America that will open up your eyes to works from all time periods and artists.

American Civil War Historical Museum

Virginia is home to many historical sites, and the Civil War Museum wants to remember them all. This unique museum has a number of different site locations that all tell a different story to those looking to learn about one of the most troubling times in American history. Indulge in a massive collection of artifacts ranging from photographs to old manuscripts that bring history to life before your very eyes.

The Edgar Allen Poe Museum

One of the great American Poets, the life of Edgar Allen Poe was one of many unique situations and rich writings that are still cherished today as a part of American history. During his life, Poe spent time in Richmond where the museum honors his work through various means. The museum documents his life and writings in great detail with the privilege to house a number of original documents and belongings that belonged to the poet. In addition to remembering the life of Edgar Allen Poe, the museum is also able to reflect back on the 19th century Richmond life that Poe experienced. This is a great stop for poetry and Richmond fans.

Richmond National Battlefield Park

With Richmond being the capital of the Confederate states during the Civil War, there is naturally a deep amount of history and significance to the city. The Richmond National Battlefield Park remembers the battles fought during the Civil war as it occupies 13 battle sites that were all prominent in the war. This location is vast and covers a large distance, so it is great for getting outside and walking through history. They park is surrounded with fortifications that are from the period of the war with marked battle sites that you can stand on to really feel the history.

The Carytown Food Tour

Richmond not only has a deep historical significance to the nation, but it is also home to a rich mix of food and dining experiences. With so many great ways to enjoy the tastes and flavors of the Richmond area, it is hard to taste all the foods you want on your own. Thankfully, The Carytown Food Tour is here to take you to the best spots in town in one go. This tour is a great way to explore the vast offerings of Richmond while also getting in a good dose of history that pairs with the great food for an unforgettable experience.

Metro Richmond Zoo

Celebrating their 25th anniversary, the Metro Richmond Zoo is home to over 2000 animals of all shapes and sizes. From baby animals to massive giraffes, you can find just about any animal you want at this very comprehensive and exciting zoo. Get up close to the animals and take them in up close with many great experience offerings. Try out the Treetop Zoofari to get a treetop view of the zoo as you zipline across the park and see things from a new point of view. This location is great for kids as the exhibits and overall layout of the zoo allows the whole family to get out and see what nature has to offer.

Hollywood Cemetery

While it is not often that many people consider a cemetery the place to go when exploring a town, the Hollywood cemetery in Richmond is an exception. This cemetery is rather unique in that it is the resting place of two presidents and has a substantial amount of native trees and plants that make the entire location feel much different than other cemeteries. The cemetery was designed to be more focused on the natural landscape that allows the location to have curves and trees that go untouched by the day to day operations.

The Science Museum of Virginia

Last but not least, the Science museum of Virginia is located in Richmond and brings people from all over to explore the many fields of science across a very large museum space. Everything from health to energy can be found within this museum as guests can explore a modern take on the museum experience. For an immersive experience like no other, guests can step into the Dome Theater where a number of films are played exploring topics like space and the oceans as you are surrounded by screen and immersed in whatever world the film is designed to transport you to.


As it is clear to see, Richmond is home to a wide variety of tourist attractions that are sure to bring a smile to any visitor’s face. Immerse yourself in the area and history at any number of the wonderful museum offerings and unwind and have some fun at the zoo or while going on a food tour. No matter where you go in Richmond, you are sure to find something to do.

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