Now that Virginia has started a gradual reopening, churches are starting to decide when they will open their doors to their congregations. This is a tough decision, especially since the CDC has specifically warned faith-based establishments about the high transmission rates of COVID-19 at church events and choir practices. As faith-based establishments or churches consider reopening in Virginia, one of the most important considerations is making sure the building is disinfected.

Thankfully, Virginia Restoration Services, a water damage restoration company,  provides essential restoration services faith-based buildings need during this critical season. Read on to see why churches should spend extra time disinfecting.

What Was Done Before Isn’t Enough

Typically, churches hire custodians to make sure their buildings and sanctuaries are cleaned. The church custodians clean floors, surfaces, and bathrooms. Unfortunately, cleaning is not disinfecting. Not only does the custodian focus on cleaning rather than disinfecting, but the new guidelines issued by the CDC require much more work – more than what is typically required of custodians. This means the rest of the church staff will have to do the extra work. Or, they can hire a restoration company to perform an enhanced cleaning.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

You may be wondering what we mean when we say, “cleaning is not disinfecting.” Cleaning is when you remove dirt and germs; however, it does not kill the germs. Disinfecting, on the other hand, does. When facing a virus that spreads as easily and quickly as COVID-19, it is critical that you do more than remove germs; you must kill them. This means you need to kill the germs through disinfecting. If custodians are merely cleaning the church buildings, they are not killing the germs.

Use the Right Chemicals

Fortunately, the CDC has provided a list of EPA-registered household disinfectants. After cleaning all of the high touch areas and surfaces in your church, you should disinfect the areas using one of these EPE-registered disinfectants. Make a clear list of places in your building that need to be disinfected, such as lobbies and altars, as well as high touch surfaces, such as door handles and railings.

Consider What is Touched

Faith-based organizations are in a unique position with phased re-openings. Many of the usual traditions in church services will need to be altered because church members are usually in close proximity to each other, which is one way the virus is spread. For example, the CDC is encouraging churches to stop passing the offering plate and instead provide options for online giving and to think of new ways for congregants to practice communion. Additionally, shared items typically used in services, such as hymnals and Bibles, are being discouraged.

Hire a Disaster Restoration Company for a Professional Building Treatment

We know you miss meeting with your church families, and we understand the importance of making sure your most vulnerable members feel comfortable returning once the building reopens. That’s why we are offering COVID-19 services, which include enhanced cleanings and building treatments using an EPA registered disinfectant.

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