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When your home or business suffers a catastrophe, whether it is a flood, fire, or storm damage, you will need disaster restoration services. In the moments immediately following, it can be difficult to know who to call and what to do. But, finding a restoration company in your area that you can trust is a priority. Should you ever be in this difficult situation, here are ten things to look for when choosing a restoration company.

Ask for Referrals

First, ask for referrals. When a disaster strikes, you likely reach out to your family, friends, and neighbors for help. Ask these people, whom you already trust, for recommendations. Someone in your circle has likely had to utilize a restoration company in the past. If those you know do not have any referrals, then pay attention to the reviews you find online or on the company’s website.

Check with Your Insurance Company

Generally, disaster restoration involves dealing with your insurance company. That’s why it is important to find a restoration company that works with your insurance company. For example, Virginia Restoration has worked with insurance agencies.

Look for a Richmond Restoration Company That Offers Rapid Response

You never know when a disaster will happen. It can happen day or night, which is why it is critical to find a restoration company that is available 24/7. You don’t want to call a restoration company only to find out they are closed or can’t come out to your property for several hours or the next day. Instead, you want a company that will immediately begin work to restore your property. Virginia Restoration is not only available 24/7, but they also offer 24 hour emergency services. They understand that quick actions can significantly minimize losses.

Focus on Their Experience

When you need a home or business restored after a disaster, you want to know the company you have work with has ample experience. For example, Virginia Restoration has been providing water damage restoration services for more than ten years. They have seen all different types of water events and have the experience and know-how to restored properties back to their former glory.

See What Type of Equipment They Use

The type of emergency determines the type of equipment. That’s why you don’t just want to hire a handyman to fix the problem. Significant water damage or fire damage requires advanced equipment and techniques to truly restore a property. Your WetVac isn’t going to cut it. You need a restoration company that has the most advanced tools for structural drying, mold remediation, and content cleaning.

Make Sure They are Fully Licensed

It is critical that the restoration company you work with is fully insured and licensed – especially when it comes to insurance. When you look for a restoration company, you should ask them directly about their licenses and check on their website. For instance, Virginia Restoration Services is insured and holds a Class A Contractors License. Additionally, all Virginia Restoration Services employees are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

Pay Attention to Their Employees

You can tell a lot about a company by the way they treat their employees. Virginia Restoration Services is a local, family-owned business. They take pride in hiring local employees and helping their neighbors. Plus, they make sure all of their employees are fully trained in their restoration offerings and certified. If you read the reviews on their website, you’ll see that many people comment on the quality of their team members. For example, one reviewer wrote, “Everett and Taylor and all their employees have done an outstanding job with not only the repairs but the professional manner in which they took care of everything.”

Confirm Their Service Offerings

Unfortunately, disasters that destroy properties typically require more than one type of restoration service. For example, water damage is often followed by mold if not addressed soon enough. In these instances, you need a restoration company that provides both types of services. After a fire event, there tends to be water damage as well from the firefighter’s measures. Again, you’d need more than one type of restoration service.

Rather than working with several different companies to restore a property, it is wiser to work with one full service restoration company. For example, Virginia Restoration Services not only provides standard restoration services, but they also offer complete reconstruction services.

Ensure They Can Handle the Size of the Job

Disasters range in size. For example, a toilet overflow may just affect the bathroom and surrounding areas, but a flood event may affect significantly more. Keep this in mind while searching for a restoration company. Ideally, you want a restoration company that can handle a job of any size, but some jobs are simply too big for some restoration companies. Thankfully, Virginia Restoration Services is capable of providing services for both residential and commercial properties.

Consider Their Values

Sadly, some restoration companies are just looking to make a quick buck. They value completing projects more than they value completing projects well. Should you hire one of these companies, you will likely face secondary damage down the road because of the lack of quality.

In contrast, Virginia Restoration Services operates following four core values, which are:

  • Do the Right Thing… Always!
  • Maintain Integrity… Always!
  • Be Adaptable to Customer Needs… Always!
  • Encourage Growth… Personally, Professionally & Staff

It’s important to work with a restoration company that prides itself on doing the right thing and maintaining integrity. It means they won’t cut corners or try to do the bare minimum. It means they will value the customer and their work.

Contact the Restoration Company Richmond VA Residents Trust

When the time comes, we hope you will contact Virginia Restoration Services. Since going into business, they have made a name for themselves in the Richmond area as the restoration company you can trust. Go ahead and save their number (804-745-6131) so you’ll be prepared to work with the best when a need arises.