Hurricane Irene ripped through the Richmond area August 29, 2011 with wind speeds reaching 70 – 80 mph. Trees crashed into homes and blocked streets as Irene blew through. Thousands of residents and business were left powerless for over a week. Virginia Restoration was prepared for the predicted disaster with a crane that could lift trees off homes without further damaging the structures. The delicate process of taking the trees off the homes sometimes took hours to remove one tree.
The gigantic Red Oak tree in this slide show crashed into the family’s home causing masive damage to the roof and the ceiling inside the home which in turn caused water damage as the bands of rain showed up during Irene. Thankfully, the family was safe and no injuries occurred when the tree hit the home. This tree removal was an all day job for VRS and the tree crew. The tree had to be removed section by section due to its weight as the crane had to boom out 110 feet to remove the heaviest part of the tree from the home.
A special thanks to W.O. Grubb Crane Rental, T&T Tree Service and, Virginia Tree Science for their commitment and hard work to help VRS get the trees removed and homes secured for reconstruction.
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