Mold is the last thing any property owner wants to deal with as it causes actual and theoretical headaches. Mold is one of those things that comes around when you least expect it and can cause damage to your property.

We want to give you some practical tips to make sure that once you get rid of mold, it stays away.

Can Mold Come Back Once It’s Gone?

Mold comes in a number of shapes and variations as it is a living fungus that comes from different backgrounds. Some mold is fine and used to make certain foods while more nefarious mold can cause damage to a wall and have negative health effects.

If you were dealing with water restoration and have had mold removed before, you may think your worries are over. The unfortunate reality is that mold can come back again and strike. Let’s look at what can cause mold to see how it could come back to your property.

Primary Causes of Mold

Leaky Pipes

A drip every now and then sounds somewhat normal for a home, but that’s all mold needs to thrive. Leaky pipes that are older and worn down may be allowing mold to grow without you even knowing it.

The reason leaky pipes cause mold issues is because they are often hidden away within your walls where they are never inspected for leaks. With so many pipes in a given building, it is easy to see how mold could form from a new leak.


Flooding is a very common catalyst to mold growth as your home or business is literally covered in water. After the initial water removal is done, you still have the potential threat of mold is restoration is not done properly.

Working with professional restoration teams is going to be your best bet at preventing mold after a bad flood. These teams are able to get rid of much more water and moisture than you ever could with towels and a bucket.


On the topic of moisture, having a humid space allows mold to grow with ease and little regulation. Even if you found mold caused by something like a leak before, having a property with high humidity allows for the mold to grow with very little effort.

A humid space means that water is able to accumulate in higher numbers than usual and will allow mold to form. Humid spaces are also found in those areas that are dark and less likely to be looked at by a given property owner.

Water Damage

The last major cause of mold is general water damage that is not fully resolved after the damage occurs. It is very easy for water to get in small cracks and hidden areas after something as simple as a clogged toilet or spilled drink causes seemingly little water damage.

When you actually look into the water damage, you will be surprised to find that any traces of water left behind have a small yet potential chance to form mold. In order to really keep mold away, you need to understand what you can do with any water damage to keep it at bay.

How to Keep Mold Away

Learn From the Past

Assuming you have dealt with mold in the past, you likely know how annoying removing and recovering from it can be. If you use this past knowledge of a mold problem correctly, you can prevent future mold problems from arising and causing you headaches.

Consider where the mold forms, what caused it, and how it was dealt with by a removal specialist. Knowing what caused mold in the past will help you to take necessary measures to prevent that incident from happening again and causing an unwanted case of déjà vu.

Know Where Mold Can Be Found

One of the best ways to beat mold is to think like it. While mold isn’t actually a creature that thinks and acts on its own, it does follow certain patterns in how it grows. For example, mold likes to grow in places that are darker and have higher moisture than normal.

With this basic information, you can create areas of your property that fit this description so you can go and check them out. In many cases, being proactive in checking common mold hiding places allows you to find it early on and deal with it before it becomes a bigger issue.

Recover from Damage Immediately

Mold caused by water damage does not grow overnight, but it can certainly find its perfect home in a short amount of time. This means that hesitating to clean up water damage is giving the mold a head start in causing damage and issues in your building.

Hiring professional restoration teams is going to be your best defense from mold forming as they know how to clean up fast to prevent mold growth. The faster you recover from any form of water damage, the less likely it is that mold is going to have the chance to grow and spread.

Have A Helping Hand

The last way to keep mold away is to ask for help when you need it most. Even if you aren’t aware of any obvious mold in your home or business, having a professional look for it is never a bad idea. They could find mold that has been slowly growing that you didn’t even know was there.

When cleaning up after water damage, a helping hand is always recommended. Nobody has all the answers and tools to prevent mold, so you need help from those who do. Professional restoration and water removal teams are always going to do what they can to keep your property mold free.

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