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When people hear the word disaster, they think of things like ships sinking or massive storms destroying entire communities. However, people really think of things like a house fire or burst pipe in a building being considered disasters. Once you understand how impactful issues in commercial and residential properties can be, you may begin to change your mind.

We want to take a look at both commercial and residential disasters to see what makes the unique in their respective spaces. What may be a minor issues in one could be devastating to the other and there are issues that similarly affect both types of locations.

How Disasters Affect Everyone

If one thing is clear about disasters it is that they can affect everyone at some point in their lives. Richmond restoration teams have helped people recover from disaster of all shapes and sizes that are unique to every situation.

Whether looking at a disaster in the commercial or residential space, it is clear that they affect many people in any location. After disasters, people don’t feel safe and often worry that another disaster may come in the future. We want to give you the information you need about disasters so you can know what to look for in different spaces and do the best you can to prevent them from ever happening.

Commercial Disasters

Causes of Damage

In commercial spaces, disasters can be devastating to businesses on an emotional and economical scale. You have the trauma of a disaster making workers feel less safe and the potential issue of losing money if things are damaged from the disaster.

Within the commercial space, many disasters are related to human error and not doing a good enough job of being careful. Many issues like burst pipes, fires, and unsafe working conditions can all be prevented with proper care. With most commercial buildings having more areas for disaster to occur in and spread to, your risk increases as the space of the commercial property gets larger.

Effects of Damage

Commercial disasters on any scale are going to incur financial loss in some way or another. Whether you need to buy a new microwave because someone caused a fire in the old one or you need to replace computers after water damage, there are going to be business costs to deal with after a disaster.

Where things get worse is when more of your assets are affected by the disaster and you start to see serious losses. Say a pipe bursts because of poor maintenance and floods your storage room. Any inventory that was destroyed will now be lost and profits could take a serious hit.

Recovering from Damage

With so much to lose in a commercial disaster, recovering properly will help you and your team get back to work as soon as possible. You want to recover whatever assets you can so that you can mitigate at least some of the costs that will need to go into replacing damaged equipment.

When the damage is done, you will want to call in a disaster restoration team to help you restore the commercial site and prevent further damage. The last thing you want after a water burst is to have to deal with future water damage restoration because you didn’t call the right team when the disaster first happened.

Residential Disasters

Causes of Damage

In the home, there are still many ways for disaster to occur despite the smaller size compared to a commercial property. You still have to worry about the same issues as a commercial site like fire and water damage, but there are often even more issues to deal with at home.

Things like storm damage, flooding, and kitchen fires are what cause widespread damage in many homes. Residential spaces need to be very careful about making sure heating equipment and water supplies are carefully monitored to make sure they can’t create a disaster causing issues.

Effects of Damage

Disaster in residential spaces is so hard to deal with because it is where people call home. When your home no longer feels like home after a disaster, that takes a psychological toll on many people. Other than the mental damage that can occur, homes do not have much strength to withstand serious damage.

Fire can easily burn down a house given the right circumstances and large floods from storms or burst pipes may take days to fully recover from. The effects of residential damage often are not as monetarily bound as commercial disasters, but they are still hard to process for many.

Recovering from Damage

With local restoration teams being experienced in residential restoration and repair, homeowners can get all the help they need when they need it most. Even if water damage or smaller fire damage seems bad at the time, a good restoration team can get rid of these issues and their long-term issues in no time at all.

Getting rid of water left over from storm damage and making sure the home is safe to live in again are all the job of a restoration team. You can have your home feeling like home in no time when you get the right restoration team on the job.

Final Thoughts

Disasters are seemingly random and never seem to be expected. From the commercial disaster that causes your business to lose profit to the home disaster that scares the home family, disasters affect us all in different ways.

However, you now have an idea of what to look for to prevent such disasters from happening. You may not be able to prevent a storm or be able to prevent an electrical fire, but you can do your best to minimize damage and keep everyone safe.

Looking to prevent and recover from disasters wherever you are?

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