Water damage is a phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of any homeowner as it can mean serious trouble and serious bills when it occurs. Water damage on the surface level is bad enough, but its resulting aftermath and hidden issues are something that many people fail to realize the severity of until it’s too late.

When you call a water restoration team, you don’t want to hear any more bad news. Let’s look at areas where water damage can add up in your checkbook.

Understanding the Severity of Water Damage

Water damage occurs all over the country as issues like flooding, burst pipes, and countless other water related issues, People are quick to look at damage to their floors and furniture, but the issues can run much deeper if action is not taken quickly.

Things like mold, damage structures, and future restoration costs are all things you can find on your plate if you are negligent to deal with the problems early on. If you don’t get the right water removal team, here are some of the costs you could be looking at going forward.

Where Water Damage Costs Add Up

  • Initial Removal
  • Home Damage
  • Personal Property Damage
  • Restoration Costs
  • Further Issue Resolutions
  • Repair Costs
  • Future Preparations

Initial Removal

A cost that is likely going to be needed for every water damage case is the initial water removal process. This is where a company will come in and remove any water that is currently visible and able to be readily moved out of your home.

Initial removal is not usually that expensive, but the price will obviously go up higher with more water being present. The costs for water removal can also vary based on where in the hope the water is located as it is much easier to remove water from the basement compared to somewhere like the attic. If you get the water removed by a good company, there is a good chance that many other issues will be less likely to occur going forward.

Home Damage

With the water itself taken care of, you can then look into any home damage that occurred as a result of the water. This is a unique cost as it can range from needing to replace a seal around your door to having to get an entire new wooden floor installed. Home damage is one of those factors that can take some time to really understand the full damage amount.

You will need to look really closely to see damage as some things are very hard to detect. Looking at possible entry points where water got in or investigating what pipes need to be replaced after one of them burst can allow you to prevent this type of damage from happening again in the future.

Personal Property Damage

Personal property is often something we put a higher value on when it is damaged because it may contain a level of sentimental value. While it may not cost as much to replace that rug that was a gift than it cost to refloor the living room, the emotional and personal cost is still present.

Personal property that is left on the floor or at a low level is often what ends up getting damaged when water enters a space. Things like furniture, shoes, instruments, and anything that can be damaged by water could be at risk. Minimize these costs by moving anything that isn’t furniture off the floor before or right as water starts to become present.

Restoration Costs

Restoration services are a very common service that is needed after water has caused damage in the home. Restoration involves the process of clearing out the water, assessing the damage, and making necessary changes to prevent future damage.

With the wide array of restoration services available, we will focus mainly on the most essential services. As we mentioned earlier, water removal can often fall under the scope of what some restoration teams offer. Arguably more important, restoration teams can make sure that future issues like mold and rotten structural elements will not bother you down the line.

Further Issue Resolutions

With the water gone and the initial damage being mostly dealt with, there are some further things you will need to look into to assess the full damage costs. Issues like mold, weakened structural elements, and resolving any issues that occurred as a result of the water damage can help get you back to normal.

While some issues are not too serious or costly like just having to improve the seals on your basement window, looking for and removing any traces of mold buildup or even insect nests are going to help you deal with the damage that can come later on.

Repair Costs

Many people look at restoration and repair as the same thing, but they are actually quite unique. Restoration involves removing the immediate issues and getting things back to normal whereas repair involves making sure any damaged home components are required to provide safety.

With issues like water damage, common repairs are made to flooring elements, weakened wall structures, or any part of the home damaged by a burst pipe. The costs of these repairs like anything else we look at vary from small repairs to an area to complete floor repairs that can get very expensive.

Future Preparations

As we look at all the damage that can be caused by water, there are clearly many things that could have been prevented. Unfortunately for many people, it takes some serious and expensive water damage to make them realize how much they need to prepare.

Luckily for you, you have now seen just how many expenses can be brought on by water damage. This allows you to prepare and make some small adjustments now so you are ready to deal with water in the future and prevent costly damage.

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