Water damage is something every homeowner fears and every restoration company is far too familiar with taking care of. Since every home is built with and expansive array of pluming and pipes, there is likely some issue that homeowners run into with water. If not inside the home, water damage from bad weather can be just as annoying to deal with.

Preventing water damage by turning off faucets and draining pipes is something most people already are aware of, but what about going the extra mile? We think these uncommon tips for water damage prevention are what everyone needs to hear and try out to really make sure their homes are safe from water damage.

The Hidden Dangers of Water Damage

Water damage restoration is something that many homeowners have to deal with every year. Issues like pipe damage or storms can cause flooding, mold, and a number of other issues when water is around. With so many water issues that can damage your home, you need to be aware of how to prevent them.

What makes water damage one of the worst disasters to deal with at home is the way it can come from anywhere and cause invisible damage. Water gets into every small crack and service and won’t be found until you realize it cause mold to grow. Let’s see how we can prevent water from becoming an issue in the first place.

Uncommon Water Damage Prevention Ideas

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are like a pressure release valve for when water gets stuck on your roof. With rain and snow very common for the region, you needed every last drop of water to smoothly flow from your gutters to the ground without any issues along the way.

Things like leaves and nests often get stuck in gutters and cause them to become backed up. When your gutter is backed up and not able to do its job, the water that would normally flow freely build up. This water is then able to leak into your home or be a breeding ground for insects and bacteria. Cleaning your gutters ensures they are able to displace water that could cause damage to your home with ease.

Investigate Your Water Bill

A very interesting way to try and identify issues with water in your home is to look at your water bills with a keen eye. If you are noticing your water bills have been increasing in price without you using more water than usual, something is probably not working properly.

Many people notice a higher water bill month after month without thinking anything of it, but this can be a sign of a serious issue. Higher water bills can mean water is leaking somewhere in your home and a burst pipe is causing your water usage to appear higher.

Have Your Roof Inspected regularly

Just as your gutter needs to be checked for leaves, you also need to get your roof looked at in the process. Roof ties are very durable and great at keeping water out, but they have a lifespan and will fail if they are not replaced as recommended by the producer.

Roof tiles that are either damaged, too old, or knocked off by the wind are not going to be able to keep any of the elements from entering into your home. Unless you want to be dealing with water clean up in your attic because of a leak in the roof, get a professional to look at and inspect your roof health.

Understand the Impact of Plants and Trees

Here’s an interesting one to consider. While a nice tree or bush can give your yard a nice accent for curb appeal, you need to be careful where you plant certain plants. A few roses or lilacs won’t hurt anybody but putting a tree down in the wrong place can cause you some serious trouble.

Larger plants have larger and more numerous roots that can easily damage your waterlines if you are not careful with placement. Larger trees have roots that can break and interfere with things like sewage, sprinklers, and water lines that can burst when roots cause them to break.

Understand basic drain cleaning and maintenance

Inside the home, you can also do certain things to prevent water damage from occurring by your own hand. When people get a drain stuck and need to clean it, the easiest solution is to grab a strong drain cleaner to hopefully get rid of the block.

At the time this may make sense, but you will regret using the abrasive cleaner when you realize that using it too much caused your pipes to crack and leak water everywhere. Something like a simple drain snake will be a much safer water to clean your clogged drains.

Get a Professional Inspection

Last but not least, call out a professional to come and look at your water systems. Unless you see water gushing out from a pipe, it is likely that you won’t be able to identify water problems until the damage is already done.

Just like you get your car service, call the experts to see if there are any potential issues that may come up in your home. The best way to prevent water damage inside your home is to make sure that what would cause it is not having any issues.

As they say with any major issues, being proactive is the best way to prevent disasters. Whether you go out and get a drain snake or reconsider where you plan that new bush, we hope you were able to see how thinking outside the box can really help prevent water damage from costing you time and money that could be otherwise saved.

Got Water Damage in the Richmond Area?

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