TES, the latest in drying technology, dries most water damages in 30 hours or less! TES deploys the “Reets Evaporation Method,” that forces large volume of heat directed to the water-saturated space, swiftly evaporating the water. The vapor is then excluded with air expulsion/dehumidification. All of this results down to solid dry, undeniably fast. Meaning, less damage and fewer cash LOST!
Drying fast is not just convenient; it’s critical! Drying water-damaged homes and businesses is important! The longer it takes to dry a water damaged building, the more expenses, and damages increase. For example; mold, floor and wall warpage, out of home costs, and other repairs increase as the structure remains wet. Speed drying a water damaged structure eliminates or greatly reduces these damages and expenses. Conventional drying can take 3 to 5 days, which would include extraction, air movement, and dehumidification. With the TES system; drying takes 30 hours or LESS!
Advantages of TES:

  • Dry carpet/carpet cushion in place, saving carpet cushion replacement.
  • Dry the walls, sill plates, and wall cavities without removing the wall boards.
  • Dry hardwoods, substrates, tile and concrete with non-destructive testing.
  • Prevent mold, rot and decay from prolonged soaking.
  • Negative pressure airflow allows inhabitants to live or work in unaffected areas of home or business.
  • Inconvenience and out-of-home expenses are eliminated or greatly reduced.
  • Drying without demolition-saves labor, hauling, replacement and repair.

VIRGINIA RESTORATION SERVICES has invested in this new technology and equipment. We’ll  DESERT DRY in RECORD TIME!