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The Home Building Association of Richmond awarded this home renovation project the “Excellence in Remodeling Award ~ Whole House Renovation under $200,000” in 2008.

Preserving the original architectural style of the home was important to the homeowners. In order to achieve this goal, it was imperative to pay careful attention to details, roof lines, and room placement. The end result was a lovely addition that looked as if it was built with the original home.

The family wanted an accessible in-law suite with a full bath while still preserving their private space. It was important to the family that their in-laws have plenty of natural lights to aid with their vision. The suite was designed with a private living room that included a large 5/0x5/2 center window accompanied by a round top above and four double hung windows, all allowing for an ample amount of natural sunlight.

The homeowner also wanted to enlarge the existing master suite on the second floor of the home. The design of the renovation included an area with reinforced floors so as to handle the force of the treadmill while in use. The 2×8 floor joist in the existing home was not capable of absorbing movement of the treadmill as the ceiling would rattle when the treadmill was in use. We used and 11-7/8″ floor joist to resolve the problem by adjusting the wall heights to lower the ceilings and match the floor levels. This design provided the homeowner with a well-built structure that would not shake when the treadmill was in use.
This project had several constraints including tight lot setbacks and distance to the septic system. We designed a new wind on the left side of the home, set back from the main body. The design modeled the opposite side of the home so as to keep the home esthetically pleasing to the eye. WE met the setback requirements and maintained the required distance to the septic system.
The end result was an architecturally blended addition that functions well and looks as if it was built with the original home.